Meet Our Retired Boys

All our active breeding Boys have had complete health testing before being eligible to be breeding ‘Sires’. Listed here are also our up-and-coming future breeding boys, pending they pass health testing.

Remember, all our breeding boys live their lives with their own loving guardian families and only return to us when needed, so they are not always available to meet.



ALA Reg: 0162-002-03
Reg Name: Illawarra Dante’s Inferno
Call Name: George
DOB: 13/08/2018
Size: Medium (46cm)
Coat: Caramel Fleece
Sire: Nicnak Blarney
Dam: Bellissimo Illawarra Scarlette

Health Testing:
CHEDS: 2+1=3 Elbows: 0+0
PennHIP: R 0.48 L0.33
OFA: Good Elbows: Normal
DNA: Clear/Negative on all genetic diseases for breed profile.
Genotype: Bbee, at/at, KK, DD


ALA Reg: 0417-053-06
Reg Name: Bellissimo Eureka Diamond
Call Name: Obie
DOB: 28/11/2018
Size: Standard (60cm)
Coat: Caramel Cream
Sire: Sands Lorenzo
Dam: Bellissimo Raspberry Cream

Health Testing:
CHEDS: 5+10=15 Elbows: 0+0
PennHIP: R 0.42 L 0.42
DNA: Clear/Negative on all genetic diseases for breed profile.
Genotype: bbee, ay/at, KK, DD


ALA Reg: 0147-054-07
Reg Name: Bellissimo Northern Star
Call Name: Charlie
DOB: 11/12/2018
Size: Medium (46cm)
Coat: Cream Fleece
Sire: Bellissimo Napoleon
Dam: Alpen Ridge Tinkerbelle

Health Testing
PennHIP: R 0.60 L0.47
Elbows: Normal
OFA Hips: Fair
Elbows: Normal
DNA: Negative/Clear for all tests reported
Genotype: Bbee, at/at, KK, DD


ALA Reg: 0162-000-02
Reg Name: Liams Salacious B Crumb
DOB:  14/03/20019
Breed: Spanador (Labrador x English Cocker Spaniel)
Gen:  N/A
Size: Standard
Coat: Black Abstract Hair
Sire: Simon
Dam: Molly

Health Test Results 
PennHIP: R 0.35 L 0.42
CHEDS Hips: 6+3=9 Elbows: 0+0
OFA Hips: Good Elbows: Normal
DNA:  Negative/Clear for all tests reported
Genotype: BBEe, KB/ky or kbr, at/at, DD, S/sp

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