Bringing happy, healthy Labradoodles to loving homes

Our success is all about matching these intelligent, affectionate, wonderful dogs to big-hearted owners or families. Labradoodles are a social, active, devoted breed who become life-long best friends. We love following their happy home life and enjoy hearing from their families who share great life moments.

Healthy dogs our priority

We go the extra mile in selecting only the best possible pups as future breeding prospects. Aside from regular health checks throughout their lives, All our future breeding dogs undergo rigorous health screening before being allowed into our breeding program. Our care and experience shows in our great selection of Sires and Dams.

See our latest puppy litter

Get a sneak peek at our little bundles of joy at birth and every two weeks until they’re ready to join their happy new home. Meet the parents and get to see how they’re growing so you can plan for a Labradoodle puppy soon.



Ownership tips and tricks

We’re here to help all our Labradoodle owners give the best possible care in nutrition, training and grooming. We found the most reliable, relevant resources online to share them exclusively with our family of owners.



Illawarra Labradoodles is an ALA Accredited Breeder

We are proud members of the Australian Labradoodle Association and strive to consistently meet the ALA’s Code of Ethics as an ALA Accredited Breeder and follow all the Rules & Regulations imposed by the ALA.

We’re also so much more. Since opening our doors (and hearts) in 2017 to an extended Australian Labradoodle family, we have grown our reputation as caring, committed breeders who form friendships with our puppy families.

We also take great pride in using the latest health testing technology available to us for all our breeding dogs, to produce generations of genetically healthy Australian Labradoodles. But it isn’t all science. Our dedication to breeding strategies gives health and temperament top consideration when deciding future pairings, closely followed by conformation. These strategies have led us to breed the amazing, loving and loyal Australian Labradoodles that we fell in love with years ago. Let it happen to you!

Ready to apply for your Labradoodle Puppy?

You are free to make an application at any time. We will endeavour to review all applications within 5 days and will contact you if your application is approved or we require further information from you. You will then be added to the mailing list to be notified when puppies are available.